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  • A Revolutionary Fundraising Opportunity -- Life Settlements Amid fundraisers growing concerns about the current charitable giving climate, dampened by the erratic stock market and shaky economy, a...

  • This is a fun fundraiser, although it will take some creativity with clothing, so try this antique children picture fundraising for your next fundraiser.

  • We all need to relax at some time or another, and using aromatherapy candles is a great way to achieve this.

  • Have you thought about using bookmarks as a fundraising idea? If you are a involved with a school this is always a project that students can take part in.

  • Boost Response Rates and Income with Appealing Fundraising Letter Envelopes. Writing a terrific fundraising letter is a waste of time if your donor throws your entire package in the trash unopened....

  • To use candles fundraising makes a lot of sense, and a lot of money too for the organization of your choice. Take a look here for some advice.

  • If you have someone involved with cheerleading, then you are probably going to end up involved with a cheerleading fundraiser some time soon! Take a look here for some useful hints.

  • Churches are always short of funds, and a way of creating them, so here are some Church Fundraiser Ideas to help you on your way!

  • As with most groups these days, churches are always looking for funds too. What kinds of church fundraisers are there? How do you follow up after you church fundraising?

  • Church fundraising can be very time consuming, but having some knowledge of your community and market can make life so luch easier!

  • Looking for some ideas for a college fundraiser this year? This might be seen as a little extreme, but it can be successfully adapted for other groups!

  • Looking for a successful idea for fundraising? Why not give a cookie dough fundraiser a try? Everyone loves those warm home baked cookies,

  • Are You Ready To Cruise Your Way Around The World? Cruises really are a great way to travel and you an find out more here.

  • No matter what fundraiser you choose, you will find yourself adjusting the idea to suit your non-profit group, and Custom Fundraising Needs will help you with this.

  • Dear Friend: Don't Start Your Non-For-Profit Fundraising Letters As A Stranger Dear Friend: Don't do it. Don't start your fundraising letters with Dear Friend. After all, when was the last time you...

  • Deciding on your Fundraiser is a very important decision, with so many factors to be taken into consideration. Are you aware of all of these?

  • Direct Mail Fundraising cna be good, but you have to know some things first, otherwise you could lose more than you make!

  • Now, Church groups are always looking for funds too, so take a look here at Easy Church Fundraisers to get some more ideas for your nextfundraising.

  • As with all fundraising, it helps to involve as many people as possible, so when arranging your elementary school fundraiser you need to consider this, plus so much more!

  • Fundraising can be a chore, but family portrait picture fundraising is an easy way to raise some much needed funds for your school or church, and this fundraiser does not take a lot of organizing.

  • Four Goals of Every Renewal Fundraising Letter In the fundraising profession, appeal letters that you mail to existing donors are called renewal letters. They are designed to solicit a gift, but,...

  • Here we have a free fundraising ebook, just packed full of all the information you need to know about fundraising, along with some great ideas for you to implement. Take a good long look.

  • It's going to be tough, but even when you think you have finished fundraising, there is one more task you need to complete, and that is the fundraiser follow up so that it is easier for the next event.

  • There are many times in our lives when we need to raise funds, and it used to be hard to come up with new ideas all the time. No need to worry, we have lots of fundraiser ideas here to help you on your way!

  • Mmmm! The smell of freshly made popcorn is so appealing to many folks, that a fundraiser popcorn event is sure to be a success!

  • Finding the right fundraisers for your group can be challenging, but this one will be a hit with everyone.

  • Next you need to discover fundraising - where to find donors and how to reach them. Some good practical suggestions for finding people who are more likely to donate to your cause.

  • Now we will take a look at fundraising - your donors' needs. It may surprise you to discover that your donors have needs to be filled too, so make sure your fundraising campaign does this.

  • No matter how you are fundraising you will need to advertise to make the most of your opportunity to raise money or items for your cause.

  • Of course, not every one can provide enough donated items to be able to hold a succesful fundraising event. However, you can still sell products, and for many non-profits groups this is the way to go, so take a look at Fundraising: Bought Products to see what will work best for you.

  • Your donors are essential to the success of all your fundraising events, so you need to make certain that they know all about your cause and how they can help you succeed with your goals.

  • So are you ready for your next fundraising event? There is a lot of information about fundraising to be absorbed, and you may want to take a few days just to think it over.

  • If you have a large group of supporters, you may be able to hold a fundraising sale without having to buy things first. Take a look at Fundraising - Donated Products to see if you could easily hold any of these sales.

  • Here are some ideas for fundraising using drives as a basis for your next fundraising event. These can be more successful than asking for financial donations.

  • Is an email campaign a good way of fundraising for your organization? It certainly saves a lot of man power, and you can inform so many more people about your non-profit group.

  • Here we consider the merits of fundraising by holding fairs, auctions and bazaars. What are the advantages of fundraising this way?

  • You will discover that fundraising that is fun for the volunteers as well as the donors is more likely to be successful than those that aren't. Some fun events are given here.

  • If you are part of a non-profit organization, then you must apply for grants otherwise you could be missing out on some valuable income for your group.

  • Here we discuss fundraising ideas to give you lots of suggestions that you can consider for your non-profit organization. Have a good look to see if some of these will work for your volunteers.

  • There is definitely a skill involved in writing a successful fundraising letter. Take a look here for an example to help you on your way with your letters.

  • Not all non-profit organizations will be able to take advantage of fundraising: lotteries, raffles and more, but it's worth considering these options.

  • Lots of non-profit groups use marathons as a method of fundraising huge sums of money, with relatively little expense in some cases. There are many kinds that you can consider by taking a look here.

  • So you are organizing an event for fundraising money, but do you know who is going to give this money to your non-profit group? Find out here.

  • You need to have the right kind of volunteers to succeed with this method of fundraising, so take a look here to make sure your non-profit group does.

  • Advertising is vital for your success as a non-profit group, so you will want to make sure you issue timely press releases. For help with this, check out this page.

  • Life is full of problems, but with advanced knowledge, their effect can be minimized, and your fundraising efforts will not be wasted.

  • It is worth spending some time researching who your donors are likely to be for your fundraising events, even though it will take some time to do this.

  • There are many ways to suceed at fundraising as in every thing else, so take a look here to optimize your success.

  • People do not always want to buy something to support a worthy cause. Sometimes a fundraising service may be just what is needed in the community.

  • Organization plays a huge role in the success of any fundraising event, whether it is for a small or large concern. Take a look here at some tips to help you stay organized.

  • To make your life easier, it makes sense to read the following on fundraising - targeting your donors. It can save you a lot of time and effort spent trying to fundraise from the wrong people!

  • It is an important part of fundraising to thank all the donors who have generously donated to your non-profit organization whether it's with time, money or gifts. More here...

  • Here is the introduction to my free fundraising ebook, full of useful information for all levels of fundraising. Take a look and see which ideas will work well for you.

  • Now there are some things to be aware of before you commit to your fundraiser, so take a look at fundraising tips before committing to a fundraising idea..

  • Technology has come a long way in a short time. Could computers help your fundraising events and efforts? Can they help you to get and stay organized?

  • As with all great events, planning is vitally important, and fundraising is no exception. You need to plan your fundraiser as carefully as possible, and this page should help you achieve that.

  • Non-profit organizations rely on volunteers, so these people are extremely important to your success at fundraising, however you decide to do this. We discuss all about volunteers here.

  • This is an Articles map for Practical Fundraising, giving the titles of many useful articles concerning fundaising. Have a browse through the lsit - we're sure you will find something of interest!

  • With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to be thinking of your Fundraising Christmas Ideas while you still have time to organize and act on them.

  • Need to do some fundraising for little league again this year? Take a look here to see if some of the ideas and suggestions will help you.

  • Are you short of Fundraising Ideas and have you finally given up on bake sales and the like? Then you are at the right place. This site is full of ideas to make your fundraising efforts a success!

  • For most churches there is a need to raise money through fundraisers. Here is a list of church fundraising ideas that are perfect for many congregations.

  • Fundraising Letter Writing used to be such a chore, but these days you can produce thank you letters to your donors in no time at all, and it is well worth the effort.

  • Fundraising Letter Campaigns Tips for Success A fundraising letter is used as part of direct mail campaigns to solicit donations for your organization. In order to get the highest return on your...

  • Writing the best fundraising letters may not necessarily make your group the most money in the short term, although this is what most organizations want.

  • To be successful with any fundraising you take part in, you have to be successful at marketing, because if no one knows about your event, it cannot be a success!

  • Developing a successful fundraising plan helps you organize and execute your ideas, and is essential for fundraising a reasonable amount of money!

  • Ok, so you need another fundaising event, so what happens next? All fundraisers need to be carefully planned in advance to make the most of each situation, in an effort to make the most money possible, in the shortest time possible, with the least effort possible! Take a look here for some hints and tips.

  • Computers can be a great time-saver when it comes to contscting people, writing letters etc , so it should come as no surprise that fundraising software can be a useful adition to your fundraising endeavours.

  • Do you send out fundraising thank you letters after your event? This action can make future events more successful, and it doesn't have to take a long time to do these days, as computers can speed up this task. Find out more here.

  • Fundraising is truly an art. People always want to help but they often times run out of money before they run out of time. This is where fundraising comes in. Fundraising ...

  • Making money from home using internet marketing as the basis of your fundraising strategy can make a lot of sense to everyone involved.

  • Even older kids need help with fundraising, especially for high school athletic fundraisers, where the grand total required can be huge. Whatever the fundraiser, there are some things to avoid.

  • Are you thinking about starting an Internet Fundraising Organization? That’s a great idea. With some creativity, you have the opportunity to raise unlimited funds for your cause.

  • Fund raising is a business of its own, and learning how to leverage your fund raising ideas is a worthwhile effort, one worth doing now, not later!

  • There is always a need for more money, whether you are fundraising for your favourite charity, or you need to boost your own income, and internet marketing can provide the means to help you.

  • Everyone needs help in raising money these days, and middle school fundraisers need that aasistance too. Take a look at this page on middle school fundraisers.

  • Most fundraisers spend a lot of time looking for more fundraising ideas to put into execution. Here are some more ideas to help you.

  • If you are new to internet marketing, or are not even sure what it means, then you need to read some of this valuable information. Whether you are looking for more money for your own use, or simply trying to find a new method of fundraising, this has so much potential for you.

  • Here you can find other articles on a variety of topics that you might like to browse through to see if any of the content can help you.

  • This is the home page for Practical Fundraising, with a general introduction to fundraising and the need for practical fundraising ideas when planning any kind of fundraiser, for whatever purpose.

  • Practical Fundraising Contact Page

  • Once you have decided on your method of fundraising, you then need to set about promoting it the best you can, so that all your fundraising efforts are as successful as possible.

  • A raffle can be a fast way to bring in some funds for the fundraiser of your choice, without too much expense, and without too much effort.

  • Raffles can be a fast way to produce fundraising income for any good cause, and the good news is that a raffle can be organized very easily,...

  • Schools are busy places of learning, and not all of it is academic. School fundraisers can be a great way to teach children the value of money, and to teach them some business skills too.

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  • An article on why Moms should take care of themselves!

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  • There are so many different ways to go about fundraising for your special cause, and as a result, there are many different fundraising videos that can help you. It's worth taking a look, believe me!