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Most non profit organizations spend a lot of time looking for the perfect fundraisers for their group, something that sells itself preferably, which means it has to be something that people want and are prepared to purchase from you. Bath and body products can fall into this category. Everyone uses them, or should do!, so it's something that needs to be purchased on a regular basis. Providing them with an order form, so they can choose at their leisure at home, without having to go out doesn't hurt your cause either.

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Sweet Escence Bath & Body Products Hit the Fundraising Markets with Moisturizing Results


Groups make 50% on sales, No cost to start their fundraiser! 20% residual on orders placed up to 90 days after their fundraiser is over.

(PRWEB) February 29, 2004--Is your school reaping the maximum benefits from its fund-raising efforts? You may be getting a big piece of the pie but is that pie as large as it could be?

Every year organizations such as yourself look for products or services to do fund-raisers. I have enclosed a fundraising guide of our products. These fund-raisers are the only one of its kind for several reasons. We have a fast turnaround time on our products within 3 weeks-. We also allow your organization to make 20% on any reorders that are made within the following 90 days after the fund-raiser is over! You keep 50% of your groups total sales, We provide the order forms for all of our fund-raisers whether you choose one or both!

We also provide free delivery of your products to you! Our Bath and Body products are made in the USA! While supporting your local group your fund-raiser is also supporting local made in the USA products. If you have any questions after reading through the fundraising information, please call me at 863-853-4429 local or 866-223-0119 toll free, and I'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have or send you more order forms so we can get you on your way.

It cost nothing to get started, and no out of pocket expense what so ever! Just send in the Fund-raiser sign up form, well send you all the sign up sheets to get you started. Your group collects the money as they go, then just send us 50% of the money for the product, and we'll get your product to you within 3 weeks, separated out by individual!! That is all there is too it!


Now doesn't that sound like a great fundraising idea? Simple, not too time consuming, no huge funds to pay out in advance, in fact you collect the money with all ordrs, and keep your share. Sounds good. ~ Site Editor

SWEET ESCENCE BATH AND BODY PRODUCTS is a unique fund-raising program. They offer delightful and appealing gift items at excellent prices. These are the kinds of items found in the finest gift shops, yet not only are the prices usually less the consumer knows that a sizeable chunk of their purchase is going to a good cause: YOURS!

This combination of quality, convenience and value generates a lot of sales, which of course translates to a much bigger pie! As fund-raising participants see the sales rack up as they become more and more enthusiastic in their efforts, which turn leads to even more sales!


About our Company:
Sweet Escence Bath & Body is a company that was established in Lakeland, Florida in January of 2001. It shows promise as a young corporation that is determined to distribute products of enormous value with superior quality but by means of inexpensive prices that would appeal to their clientele.

Sweet Escence carries wonderful items that are prepared to soothe the straining muscles. These extracts are enriched with oils and vitamins to restore smoothness to dry skin. Also, the body spray manufactured has an additional purpose of freshening everyday objects to leave the air fragrant and refreshing. An assortment of hand and body lotions are found along with splendid massaging oils, soaps, and salt rocks for the bath. In addition to these pleasant goods, Sweet Escence also generates a potpourri gel that can be rehabilitated by the addition of distilled water and perfume.


There are a lot of different fragrances, and products here, so you should be able to find just what you are looking either for yourself, or as gifts for others. ~ Site Editor

There are a variety of aromas that Sweet Escence provides, ranging from Jasmine Rose to the delicate sweetness of Peaches & Cream. Some of these delightful flavors and scents can also be purchased through the Essence of the Month membership, receiving these heady combinations in the early progressions of each month.

For Sweet Escence Bath and Body, there is an array of payment plans. Sweet Escence is willing to accept Visa, MasterCard, checks, money orders, and PayPal. Free shipping is obtained after reaching over three hundred dollars in retail purchases.

Sweet Escence Bath & Body is a company desiring to satisfy its customers and manufacture pleasing products that create an allure for attraction. Order forms are available via the website at

Distributors and retailers are welcome to enjoy the 50% profit on the listed retail pricing. Sweet Escence does not have a minimum order and is easy to build a good solid business relationship.




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