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One of the key aspects to any fundraising activity is to come up with a product that sells itself. Selling bookmarks may be just that product for your group, especially if it is a school fundraiser. What better than to promote reading and learning while selling bookmarks? Take a look at the following article, and it may just give you some ideas for your next fundraiser!

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Bookmarks, Bookmarkers ... A Rose By Any Other Name



Impressive Inscriptions, makers of high-quality laminated personalized bookmarks and prayer cards, has announced the launching of their redesigned website and the introduction of new personalized products and services to their product line, including personalized note cards, personalized recipe cards, personalized bookplates and custom and photo bookmark and prayer card services.

River Edge, NJ (PRWEB) March 22, 2004 -- Impressive Inscriptions, makers of high-quality laminated personalized bookmarks and prayer cards, has announced the launching of their redesigned website and the introduction of new personalized products and services to their product line.

Co-owners Rosemarie Jasko and Rose Marie Lapointe, who operate this home-based internet business from their home studios, began their business in August 2002. Im very active at my church and also experienced in desktop publishing, explains Rosemarie Jasko. Through word of mouth and reputation, I quickly became the go to person for people in my parish who needed to have small amounts of prayer cards or other printed projects made for specific ministries or programs going on in the parish. It became apparent that there was a need for people to be able to get something very specific printed on a keepsake item affordably, quickly, and without having to deal with large minimum orders. At the urging of her pastor, and after inviting her good friend, Rose Marie Lapointe, to join her in this business endeavor, Impressive Inscriptions was born.

They began with a simple website and over 450 original bookmark designs ready to be personalized for party and shower favors, keepsakes, and gifts for all occasions, available in two sizes. They also offered 40 original prayer card designs. Their low minimum order and flexible personalization policies made it possible for customers to order small amounts of custom laminated bookmarks or prayer cards at reasonable prices, with discounted prices for larger orders. Most orders are completed and shipped within 24-48 hours.


Now bookmarks are great gifts for people, and they can be designed by you to promote your school or church or whatever cause you like, or they can just be cute, or have an inspirational saying, or... There are endless possibilities, and of course you could even make your own if you are a little bit artistic.  ~Site Editor

After operating their online business for about a year, Rosemarie and Rose Marie felt a redesign of their website was needed in order to introduce some related products to their line. On March 6, 2004 they launched their new and improved website and added high quality personalized note cards, personalized bookplates, and personalized recipe cards to their product line, in addition to the ability to order custom or photo bookmarks and prayer cards conveniently and securely from their online store. They also provide helpful information about personalization ideas, with links to quality sites where customers can find quotes, prayers, poems and sayings to print on their bookmarks or prayer cards.

The note cards and bookplates are made to match any bookmark design in their extensive online catalog, making it easy for customers to put gift sets together which can include a custom personalized bookmark, matching set of 10 personalized linen note cards, and a set of 8 self-adhesive glossy personalized bookplate labels. Products are packaged in attractive cellophane or poly gift bags. Several designs of personalized recipe cards are also available in the new product line. Personalized recipe cards (set of 20) are printed front and back on coated cardstock and packaged with a matching laminated bookmark for marking a favorite page in a cookbook.


So you don't need just to sell bookmarks, you can branch out and fundraise by selling some of the other ideas suggested. There really are so many options, and I think a ;ot of the time, the problem with fundraising is a shortage of time to think of ideas. Fortunately this site exists to help you with that! ~ Site Editor

In addition to these new products, Rosemarie and Rose Marie saw a need to offer customers the ability to easily order custom-designed bookmarks and prayer cards, which might include a logo or other artwork provided by the customer, or bookmarks and prayer cards which could include the customer's photo. Their newly structured online store now has custom and photo ordering areas, which makes it simple for customers to place their orders for these specialty products.

The most gratifying part of this business has been the ability to give our customers very specialized products for the most important events in their lives, comments Rose Marie, and we often hear back from them after they receive their orders or after their special events because they want to let us know how perfect their favor or keepsake was. It always makes us feel so good. Customer testimonials are included on a growing page of their website.

Two particular orders in the past year stand out as examples of the gratification their business brings to them. The first was for an order placed by a gentleman for just one bookmark their Red Roses bookmark on which he asked them to print his very romantic marriage proposal. We were so excited when we received that order, even if it was for only one bookmark, remarks Rosemarie, adding heres a perfect example of how our low minimum order policy comes in handy for many customers. What would this person do with 20 bookmarks printed with a marriage proposal on them? And you never know where an order for one bookmark can lead, adds Rose Marie. Maybe this couple will come back to us in a year and order bookmarks for their wedding favors because of their sentimental value.


The other order was much different. The father of a 12-year-old girl who had died suddenly from meningitis ordered several hundred memorial bookmarks to be given to the children in her elementary school at a memorial unveiling ceremony 6 months after her death. He called to ask if we could print Emilys photo on the bookmarks and if we could get the bookmarks done quickly since it was a last-minute idea, Rose Marie recalled, and we were able to accommodate him on both accounts. The order touched them so deeply that it eventually led to the addition of a page on their new website to promote a book written by young Emily Koenig a year before she died, The Tallest Leprechaun, which is being sold to raise money for meningitis awareness, a deadly disease that is preventable with an available vaccination, but is rarely administered to children under the age of 18 because it is not required. We are now working on a Tallest Leprechaun bookmark in conjunction with Emilys parents and Little Treasure Publications which might also be sold to raise additional money for meningitis awareness, and we are happy we are in a position to help the Koenigs in this worthwhile cause.

Another area of their business which is beginning to grow is personalized bookmark fundraising. Bookmarks promote reading, and kids love things that have their name printed on them. It seemed the perfect combination for a successful school fundraiser. Impressive Inscriptions has run several school fundraisers, with 42% of the profits returned to the school. Each fundraiser seems to lead to another. Our bookmarks speak for themselves. Once received, the new owner of the personalized bookmark is always impressed and thrilled to receive a high-quality tasseled bookmark with their name on it. And the first thing they usually do is look on the back to find out where the bookmark was made. We are looking forward to continued growth in this area and will concentrate some effort this year on promoting our unique fundraiser, now that the redesign of our site has been completed.

Rosemarie and Rose Marie are also proud of their website and their search engine ranking, which has been Rosemaries responsibility in the business. As with most small business owners, we wear a lot of hats, and one of the most challenging has been the technical side of this business -- the ups and downs of search engine ranking, online shopping carts and other website related problems. But weve come a long way and learned a lot in the past year. Our search engine placement is excellent, and online business and word-of-mouth sales are increasing each month.

Rosemarie and Rose Marie look forward to continued growth with the launching of their improved website and the expansion of their product line which includes personalized note cards, recipe cards and bookplates along with their extensive laminated bookmark and prayer card services.


For more information about Impressive Inscriptions, please contact:
Rosemarie Jasko and Rose Marie Lapointe
Impressive Inscriptions
P.O. Box 144
River Edge, NJ 07661
Phone: (201) 225-1121
Fax: (201) 986-0740


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