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Resources for Practical Fundraising

Here are some great resources for to to take a look at. As you can see, they are on a variety of very different topics, so you may want to grab a cup of tea or coffee before you begin!

Internet Marketing and More  - is a site packed full of ideas on using the internet to make money, whether it is as a fundraiser for your children's school, or to make enough money to pay to put them through college. Or, you could make some money for your own personal use! Now I like that idea best!

Candles Alight - a site with lots of information about the many different kinds of candles, how to make your own candles, even how to burn them, plus lots more.

Cruise Your Way - a site giving you plenty of information about cruises, their destinations, the different types, plus many tips to help you in your choice.

Mom's LifeLine - A survival (and pampering!) guide for overwhelmed, tired, stressed out mothers trying to retain their sanity while meeting everyone else's needs! Just for Mom!

Soccer Training - Soccer training programs, skills, drills, coaching tips, practice plans, evaluation tools, equipment reviews, for players and coaches of all ages, levels and genders.

Spiritual Healing Arts  -  For those who are just beginning their journey into self discovery and self healing and who are genuinely ready to make a shift in their lives this is a wonderful opportunity to join in and grow as the author herself continues to grow with her life’s work.   

  • Candles For All
    Despite having electriity in our homes, we are finding that an increasing number of homes have candles in them, and not just for emergencies either.
  • Moms Need All The Help They Can Get
    All days for moms tend to be hectic, an endless blur of rushing from one thing to another, trying desperately to get meals on the table at a suitable hour, and clothes and dishes washed ready for another day. Need help? Don't we all...
  • Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas
    When it comes to fundraising, most people are looking for creative ideas that will make their fundraiser an instant success. Take a look at this article on fundraising for some ideas to help you.
  • Cruises
    Are You Ready To Cruise Your Way Around The World? Cruises really are a great way to travel and you an find out more here.
  • Take Care, Mom!
    An article on why Moms should take care of themselves!
  • Aromatherapy Candles
    We all need to relax at some time or another, and using aromatherapy candles is a great way to achieve this.
  • The Many Dimensions of the World of Candles
  • Match Internet Marketing Opportunities to Your Life Choices.
    There is always a need for more money, whether you are fundraising for your favourite charity, or you need to boost your own income, and internet marketing can provide the means to help you.
  • New to Internet Marketing?
    If you are new to internet marketing, or are not even sure what it means, then you need to read some of this valuable information. Whether you are looking for more money for your own use, or simply trying to find a new method of fundraising, this has so much potential for you.

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