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Internet Fundraising Organization

      by Tyrone O. Lindsay

Are you thinking about starting an Internet Fundraising Organization? That’s a great idea. With some creativity, you have the opportunity to raise unlimited funds for your cause.

Many nonprofit organizations use the internet as their primary fundraising vehicle. It has proved very lucrative for them also. Just by the very fact that more people are online dramatically increases your opportunities at fundraising.

Consider these few advantages of doing your fundraising business in cyberspace.

Lightening quick results

With appeals via email the response is almost immediate. Sure, the most you’d have to wait is 2 days for a response. However, when compared with the postal appeal (which could take weeks/months) the email route is immediate.

Email allows you to track and immediately adjust a sputtering campaign. You can also tweak a good campaign into a better one.

Receiving funds online is vastly different from receiving a check in the mail. The process is like night and day. Online funds are not promises. They are promises delivered!

• Your Internet Fundraising Organization Hard Up For Quick Funds?

Need a quick injection of cash? Online is the place to get it. There may have been a bad fire or accident and you need immediate cash to respond. You may not have time to put together a fundraising campaign. Email allows you the luxury of responding to the crisis almost immediately.

• Cuts Costs

The mailing and marketing of brochures and pamphlets is costly. Getting them specially made up for each event can hurt the pocketbook. Online email has a tremendous two-pronged positive effect.

1) eMail allows you to make a direct and quick appeal. Depending on your networking skills and contacts, email can give you direct access to the decision-makers.
2) You can use email to build relationships during non-crisis periods. This is a very important point. Communicating with the decision-makers on a consistent basis is vital to building relationships for fundraising efforts.

Taking full advantage of online fundraising will open new vistas for your Internet Fundraising Organization. You can easily incorporate into your online strategies building an email list, developing relationships, responding quickly to a crisis and cutting campaign costs. Cyberspace offers unlimited opportunities for your fundraising efforts.

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