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Fundraising Christmas Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching - isn't it always? - so now is the time to be thinking of your Fundraising Christmas Ideas and getting them put into practice. This year is it going to be a Christmas Fair that you hold, or something simpler to organize? This really depends on your needs this year. Are you needing large funds for a special project like a new playground, or is it a smaller amount, say for some more books for the classroom library? Once you have decided on your needs, then you can start evaluating your options as far as fundraising goes.

For Christmas fundraising ideas, candles are an obvious choice. So many families are using candles these days, and of course they don't last forever, well, if you light them they don't! Basically, what I am saying is that candles can be purchased by most people, although in reality, women do purchase them more than men.

Another idea is to make up Christmas gift baskets for a fundraising project. This will take more time and need more volunteers, but it could still be done around the candle theme, making up gift baskets with a variety of candles, in a variety of fragrances and colours.

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Have a look at the rest of this site for more fundraising Christmas ideas, and remember a fundraiser needs to be fun. Good luck! 


Fundraising Christmas Ideas
The ABC's of Fundraising

by Cassie Kale

There are many little details that go into making sure your fundraising event is a successful event. The key is to have all your fundraising details laid out in front of you before you even start. Below are some tips to help you get started on the right foot for your fundraiser:

What is the purpose of your fundraiser? While this is the easiest question, it can sometimes be the hardest question to answer and convey to your sponsors. Why do you feel your company or organization should have a fundraiser? Do you need to raise funds for computers? Uniforms, expansions clearly define your purpose.

Next move onto the amount you would like to raise through your fundraising event. What is the amount you hope to achieve for your fundraiser to be considered a success? This number is very important, also be sure to estimate your expenses to run the fundraiser so you will have a free and clear amount that you earned and can disperse where needed.


Remember,. that you will have to spend money to make money, whether it is buying goods in advance, or paying  to have some flyers printed. This means that you need to be aware of the cash flow for a project, and whenever possible, take orders in advance, paid orders. This way you will have the funds to purchase the items you need.  ~ Site Editor

Now figure out who you are going to approach for sponsorship of your fundraiser? What small businesses do you think would be most willing to donate and participate to your event? Do you hope to have other companies participate as a part of your fundraiser? For instance if you are in direct sales and you sell Tupperware, maybe a Mary Kay or Arbornne consultant may want to join you. They may also be interested in sponsorship as that will give them marketing for their business.

Hand out flyers, make phone calls, send out a press release these are all generally free ways of attracting excitement for your event. Most importantly what product will you be using for your fundraising effort? There are many fundraising ideas available; you just have to find the one that will fit with your group. The most popular fundraisers are ones that are easy to sell and collect money on. They include: chocolate, magazines, candles and more, the choice is yours!


Get all your fundraiser information, fundraising ideas and more! This season chocolate fundraisers are hot and an easy sell!



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