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1. Fundraising - The Basics

How many times in one week do you pick up the phone only to find that you are being asked to donate again?

Yes, it's a deserving cause, yet again, but there is only so much you can give of yourself and your funds. It is good that people are helping each other, but it becomes hard on the donor to be constantly bombarded with requests for donations. As a result, we find that we have to work harder at fundraising, involving a lot more people to avoid relying on just one group of donors.

Previously, fundraisers could get by with holding just one fundraising event per year, but now that just isn't enough. It becomes necessary to hold several fundraisers just to survive. We need to treat it as a business, and organize it as such. Did you know that there are organizations who will run your fundraiser for you, at a price? Fundraising has itself become a big business opportunity. There are large numbers of companies willing to get involved with your fundraiser, as long as they share your profit.

There are all kinds of programs and workshops that can help you, but unfortunately this can eat rather heavily into your profits. But don't worry, this free fundraising ebook will help you learn how to run an effective fundraiser, and it will give you some effective strategies and some great ideas.

So, does your non-profit organization have the following?

  • determination 
  • the willingness to work hard 
  • a real desire to succeed at fundraising 
  • perseverance 

If the answer is "no", then you need to either find new volunteers with these qualities, or else find a fundraiser that will bring out these qualities in your helpers. I would hope that the answer is "yes", in which case you already have the basics for successful fundraising. Now you just need some basic tools and ideas that can help you become more effective at raising money. This is exactly what this book is all about. By the time you have finished this book you will know:

  • Where to turn for money 
  • How to tell great fundraising ideas from those that will not make you as much money 
  • How to get and stay organized 
  • How to ensure that your group works well together and follows through for maximum fundraising success 
  • How to organize a fundraising team to get real results 
  • How to use technology to make more money for your non-profit group 
  • How to use fundraising secrets to raise more money but with less hassle - each time 
  • How to communicate in a way that will ensure more fundraising money for your organization 

But first, you need to understand a few concepts.

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Practical Fundraising Ebook - Table Of Contents

  1. Fundraising - The Basics  
  2. Fundraising - Terminology 
  3. Fundraising - Money 
  4. Fundraising - Where to Find Donors and How to Reach Them 
  5. Fundraising - Targeting Your Donors 
  6. Fundraising - Research 
  7. Fundraising - Your Donors' Needs 
  8. Fundraising - Ideas 
  9. Fundraising - Donated Products 
  10. Fundraising - Bought Products 
  11. Fundraising - Marathons 
  12. Fundraising - Lotteries, raffles and more 
  13. Fundraising - Fairs, Auctions and Bazaars 
  14. Fundraising - Fun Events 
  15. Fundraising - Drives 
  16. Fundraising - Services 
  17. Fundraising - Tips for Choosing a Fundraising Idea 
  18. Fundraising - Your Plan 
  19. Fundraising - Your Team 
  20. Fundraising - Staying Organized 
  21. Fundraising - Communicating With Your Donors 
  22. Fundraising - Advertising 
  23. Fundraising - Letters 
  24. Fundraising - Emails and more 
  25. Fundraising - Person to Person 
  26. Fundraising - Thank You Notes 
  27. Fundraising - Grant Proposals 
  28. Fundraising - Press Releases 
  29. Fundraising - With Computers 
  30. Fundraising - Secrets to Success 
  31. Fundraising - Problems 
  32. Fundraising - Conclusions 

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