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2. Fundraising Terminology

What is a Non-Profit Organization?

When  people  first begin fundraising they may  not always know what a non-profit is, and many assume that it doesn't matter whether their organization is a non-profit or not.  However, how you are classified can affect how much money you make and how you can use it. A non-profit organization is one that is designed for a charitable purpose. ie no individuals gain from it.

A non-profit group uses its earnings to further its goals.  For example, the United Way and such groups as the Girl Guides,  and most universities are non-profit groups.  There are also many smaller non-profit groups such as animal shelters, human rights organizations, and women's shelters.  In most cases, these groups trying to improve the world in some way or another

Of course, you need to be classed as non-profit by your local government, so contact them to se about registering so that you can then advertise the fact that you are a non-profit organization. The qualifications for non-profit do vary from area to area, but basically you need to prove that you will be bettering society, and that no individual will be making money from your organization. Remember that groups that are non-profit are often eligible for funds that other groups cannot  access.

What is Fundraising?

Fundraising is simply  the raising of funds or money.  For many non-profit groups, fund raising is often the only way to get the money to pay for the facilities and programs that the group wishes to organize.  The fundraising can take many forms, from the sales of products to directly asking for money to organizing events or lotteries for which people will pay. 

Why is Fundraising Important?

The anwswer to this is fairly obvious. Without fundraising, many activities and events would not happen. Fundraising is often the only way to help pay for the rental space, and fundraising can help raise awareness through newspapers or newsletters, or it  can help a group establish an Internet site, and it can help the people that the group is hoping to help.  For example, a women's shelter will need money for a shelter space, money for food and board for abused women, and money for programs such as education and job training for the women who visit the center. 

Why do I need to learn about Fundraising?

Now fundraising can be as simple as holding a bake sale, and if you only need to raise a small amount this may be all you need, but for many groups more funds are needed, and regularly too so events have to be ongoing.  Read on to find out

  • How to find enough money to keep your programs going and your group expanding
  • How to find ever new sources of money in order to ensure that you have enough consistently
  • How to continue to run the group's programs and fulfill the group's mandate even while taking the time to fundraise
  • How to stay organized and keep group morale and interest high - even after many years of fundraising

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Practical Fundraising Ebook - Table Of Contents

  1. Fundraising - The Basics 
  2. Fundraising - Terminology
  3. Fundraising - Money
  4. Fundraising - Where to Find Donors and How to Reach Them
  5. Fundraising - Targeting Your Donors
  6. Fundraising - Research
  7. Fundraising - Your Donors' Needs
  8. Fundraising - Ideas
  9. Fundraising - Donated Products
  10. Fundraising - Bought Products
  11. Fundraising - Marathons
  12. Fundraising - Lotteries, raffles and more
  13. Fundraising - Fairs, Auctions and Bazaars
  14. Fundraising - Fun Events
  15. Fundraising - Drives
  16. Fundraising - Services
  17. Fundraising - Tips for Choosing a Fundraising Idea
  18. Fundraising - Your Plan
  19. Fundraising - Your Team
  20. Fundraising - Staying Organized
  21. Fundraising - Communicating With Your Donors
  22. Fundraising - Advertising
  23. Fundraising - Letters
  24. Fundraising - Emails and more
  25. Fundraising - Person to Person
  26. Fundraising - Thank You Notes
  27. Fundraising - Grant Proposals
  28. Fundraising - Press Releases
  29. Fundraising - With Computers
  30. Fundraising - Secrets to Success
  31. Fundraising - Problems
  32. Fundraising - Conclusions


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