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12. Fundraising - Lotteries and More


Raffles, a simple effective fundraiser. 

Lotteries and raffles: Ticket sales for games of chance are quite high and many non-profits are finding that people are willing to pay large amounts of money for the chance to win a fabulous prize.  Many larger non-profits routinely raise money in the millions of dollars by having companies donate prizes such as cars and homes and then having donors pay one hundred dollars or more per ticket.  Donors like the fact that these raffles and prizes often have good odds and great prizes. However, many areas have laws about lotteries and gambling, so before following up with this idea be sure to check the laws in your area.

For more information on Raffles click here,  Raffles.


Bingo or casino nights: These offer exciting fun and the possibility of winning prizes and money to all participants. The proceeds (which can be quite high) go to your non-profit organization. Just be aware that some communities have laws about who can hold such events, which are sometimes considered "gambling." Check local laws before trying this idea. Yoyu can also sell refreshments at a profit at these events, and that helps to increase your profit.

50/50 Draws: These are similar to raffles. A donor buys tickets for a chance to win half of the proceeds collected, the remaining half going to your non-profit group. Many sports teams hold these as fundraisers, and their success varies tremendously depending on the number of participants. However, they are very easy to set up, and only use a few volunteers to sell the tickets. The volunteers should however, be comfortable at approaching people to ask if they would like to support your cause, otherwise the tickets will not be sold. Many people will not ask for a 50/50 ticket themselves, but if someone does ask them directly they will purchase. Again you need to check that these are permitted in your community.

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