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27. Fundraising - Grant Proposals

Grant proposals

Grant proposals or applications can be an important part of your fundraising, as an effective grant application can be a good source of funds. Grant applications often have several components, which may include:

  • A formal statement (with supporting evidence) of what your non-profit group is 
  • Letters of reference 
  • A formal proposal stating your intention for the grant money 
  • Plans for your programs or group's facilities 
  • A business plan for your organization 
  • Information about your current resources and a list of resources you need 
  • Information about your workers/group members/volunteers 
  • Future plans and goals for your group 
  • Financial papers that show what your group needs 

The grant application will tell you what material you need to submit. It is vital that you follow all directions for filling out the application exactly. Many grant providers will automatically reject any applications that do not follow the application instructions.

Look at an example of a successful grant application, if possible, to get a sense of what sorts of applications get a specific grant.

Grant providers want to make sure that the money from their grant is used as well as possible. This means that in your proposal you need to prove that your group is organized and responsible enough to use the grant money wisely and in the method stated in the application. So, in  your application, stress how many people your group can help with the money and how the grant money will be used to create a better life for these people in some way. The more compelling reasons you give grant providers that you will use the money carefully and effectively, the more likely you are to get the grant.

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