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13. Fundraising - Fairs, Auctions and Bazaars

 Auctions: Auctions can take place alone or as part of a larger sale or fundraising campaign.  If you can get someone to donate more valuable pieces (artworks or antiques) to your non-profit you can organize an auction yourself or have a local auction house sell the piece in exchange for part of the profit.  Silent auctions (in which bidders write their bids on a paper instead of speaking aloud) can be a great way to make more money on larger items at a fundraising sale or marathon.

Fairs or bazaars: These events take a long time and much effort to organize but they inevitably draw large crowds of all ages.  Fairs and bazaars are basically mixed events that may contain rides, auctions, fair booths (such as palm-reading stations, pie eating contests, dunking booths and others), rides, refreshments, and other attractions. 

Often, you will need to rent some of the apparatus (such as the booths or rides) which means that this sort of fundraising event can become quite expensive.  You will also need to organize plenty of volunteers in order to keep things running smoothly.  There are many types of fair themes and styles, ranging from country fairs to haunted house or Halloween bazaars to family fairs. 

Face Painting: This is a great attraction for younger children, and is very easy and inexpensive to set up at your fair, or bazaar or even your auction if children are going to be at this event. You could use high school students to paint the children's faces, and in return the students get credit for community service. In fact the local high schools are often a great resource for any kind of event, because there are always students looking for volunteer hours.

Balloons : Children still love balloons, so you may want to consider selling inflated balloons at your fair or bazaar. Again this is something that high school students could promote for you.

Candyfloss: The smell of candyfloss is very appealing, and along with your bazaar or fair, you could sell this treat too. Take a look at Fundraiser Popcorn, which looks at cotton candy as well as [opcorn as a fundraiser.

Popcorn: Mostpeople love popcorn, and the aroma of freshly popped corn can be a great incentive to help your fundraiser. Take a look at the Fundraiser Popcorn page for more information.

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