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32. Fundraising - Conclusions

By now  you have been given a great deal of information to think about and you likely have several ideas about where to begin in your fundraising.  You have all the necessary steps to help you start your fundraising, and you can return here at any time to refresh your memory.  But with having so much information at your finger tips, you may now want to take a few days just to process it all, and consider just where your organization is heading before jumping in and planning your next event.

You may want to start your own file for fundraising ideas, because ideas do change. Bake sales used to be the way to go for fundraising, but these are not as successful these days. ( Can you trust whoever baked that cake or those cookies? What are the ingredients? etc. ) Read the newspapers to see what other groups are doing for their fundraisers, and see how successful they are.  This can help you develop your own ideas about fundraising that will work for your group and provide the money you need. And do not overlook the stories of any failed fundraising attempts - you can learn from these mistakes too!

So that is all you need to get going with your fundraising. Thank you for visiting this site - we hope you have found it of great use.You have your cause, and a great group of volunteers to work with, so get going, plan your next fundraiser, and remember, it begins with FUN!

Practical Fundraising Ebook - Table Of Contents

  1. Fundraising - The Basics 
  2. Fundraising - Terminology
  3. Fundraising - Money
  4. Fundraising - Where to Find Donors and How to Reach Them
  5. Fundraising - Targeting Your Donors
  6. Fundraising - Research
  7. Fundraising - Your Donors' Needs
  8. Fundraising - Ideas
  9. Fundraising - Donated Products
  10. Fundraising - Bought Products
  11. Fundraising - Marathons
  12. Fundraising - Lotteries, raffles and more
  13. Fundraising - Fairs, Auctions and Bazaars
  14. Fundraising - Fun Events
  15. Fundraising - Drives
  16. Fundraising - Services
  17. Fundraising - Tips for Choosing a Fundraising Idea
  18. Fundraising - Your Plan
  19. Fundraising - Your Team
  20. Fundraising - Staying Organized
  21. Fundraising - Communicating With Your Donors
  22. Fundraising - Advertising
  23. Fundraising - Letters
  24. Fundraising - Emails and more
  25. Fundraising - Person to Person
  26. Fundraising - Thank You Notes
  27. Fundraising - Grant Proposals
  28. Fundraising - Press Releases
  29. Fundraising - With Computers
  30. Fundraising - Secrets to Success
  31. Fundraising - Problems
  32. Fundraising - Conclusions


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