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Practical Fundraising - Introduction to free ebook

Some time ago, I was given the rights to an ebook on fundraising that provides so much valuable information that I just had to share it with you. So I set to work editing and reformating it, and I am pleased to offer you all of this practical fundraising information at no cost, so you can make a huge success of your next fundraiser. Volunteers need all the help and encouragement they can get for all the good work they do and all the many hours they donate.

So to all fundraisers, a big thank you for your dedication to your cause. I hope you have many successful fundraisers, and I hope I can contribute some way with the information in this site. So, grab a cup of tea or coffee, make yourself comfortable and have a good browse through all the different sections listed below. There are so many hidden tips and suggestions on every page that you may want to bookmark this site on your browser so you can return easily at a later date.

Happy fundraising!

Practical Fundraising Ebook

 Table Of Contents

  1. Fundraising - The Basics  
  2. Fundraising - Terminology 
  3. Fundraising - Money 
  4. Fundraising - Where to Find Donors and How to Reach Them 
  5. Fundraising - Targeting Your Donors 
  6. Fundraising - Research 
  7. Fundraising - Your Donors' Needs 
  8. Fundraising - Ideas 
  9. Fundraising - Donated Products 
  10. Fundraising - Bought Products 
  11. Fundraising - Marathons 
  12. Fundraising - Lotteries, raffles and more 
  13. Fundraising - Fairs, Auctions and Bazaars 
  14. Fundraising - Fun Events 
  15. Fundraising - Drives 
  16. Fundraising - Services 
  17. Fundraising - Tips for Choosing a Fundraising Idea 
  18. Fundraising - Your Plan 
  19. Fundraising - Your Team 
  20. Fundraising - Staying Organized 
  21. Fundraising - Communicating With Your Donors 
  22. Fundraising - Advertising 
  23. Fundraising - Letters 
  24. Fundraising - Emails and more 
  25. Fundraising - Person to Person 
  26. Fundraising - Thank You Notes 
  27. Fundraising - Grant Proposals 
  28. Fundraising - Press Releases 
  29. Fundraising - With Computers 
  30. Fundraising - Secrets to Success 
  31. Fundraising - Problems 
  32. Fundraising - Conclusions 


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