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Family Portrait Picture Fundraising


When it comes to fundraising, family portrait picture fundraising is one that just needs a little organization and time, and not too much else. First of all you need to find a local photographer who is willing to work with your fundraising idea and give you a good commission. Then advertise by sending out flyers, or posting notices in the library and community centres, giving details of the day and time of the event, and the cost of the various photo packages. get people to sign up in advance, so they know exactly when their family portraits will be taken.

Work with the photographer on location of the photo shoot, and the backgrounds you want to have available for the session. Then promote, promote, promote, and you are well on your way to a family portrait picture fundraising success! 

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family portrait picture fundraising
Fundraising Tips 101

by Brooklynn Anderson

You know that you would like to have a fundraiser for your organization or school to raise funds, but know what? This fundraising article will help you plan out your fundraiser so that it is easy for you!

Tip One: What are your fundraising needs? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself so that you will know what your specific fundraising goals are.

Some questions you should consider:

How much money do you hope to raise from your fundraiser?

How many approximate people with be involved in the fundraiser?

When will it start?

How long will you have your fundraiser? You will want to make sure you are giving yourself enough time to wrap up the fundraiser and have the money you need on time.

Do you have enough volunteers to help with the fundraiser? If this is your first fundraiser you might want to give yourself some extra time should run into any problems or delays.


Tip Two: Picking the right product for fundraising. While there are so many neat fundraising options make sure to pick a product that you think your target audience will like, something that creates an impulse buy! Depending on how much money you need to earn, will also be a factor in your deciding.


This is where the family portrait picture fundraising is so hard to beat. You do not need very many volunteers to have this work. If it's for a school fundraiser, then flyers can be sent home with each class, and the teacher can collect all responses, handing them to a volunteer to process. All the family can be involved in the photograph, so it's a great idea for a fundraiser early in the fall so that photographs will be ready in time for Christmas giving. You could even combine the photo night with dinner out while your family is all dressed up and clean!     ~Site Editor

Candles, Candy, Magazines and coffee are four of the top fundraising products that are commonly chosen. They are reasonably priced, most people will buy more than one and they are products people would normally buy anyway. This will make it easier for you and your organization.

Tip Three: Plan your fundraiser


The planning stage of a fundraiser is so very important, so make sure you are very thorough in this. Make notes, and make sure everyone who needs to know does in fact know. Computers can make this so much easier and faster than previously. You can just email your list of volunteers the information - much faster than having to phone everyone as we used to do!   ~Site Editor


Brooklynn Anderson is the owner of the ultimate fundraising resource. FundraisingHQ is organized into the different types of fundraising ideas to help your group run successful fund raisers!


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