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Church Fundraisers

For church fundraisers, as with most fundraisers in fact, you need to decide the purpose of the event. Is it simply to make money for a new roof, or is it to make the church more noticeable in the community as well as raise some funds for various charities? The type of fundraiser you plan will depend on your answer to this, so it is worth a few minutes to make sure that everyone agrees on the purpose of this event in advance. 

church fundraisers

Once this has been settled, you need to decide who is going to take part. If it is a youth group, then may be they would enjoy the physical exercise of a car wash, but a group of seniors would probably not think this such a good idea! If you decide on a garage sale, do you have the volunteers to go around advertising, and then collecting used goods, and having done that do you have others to sort and price? What about a coffee and bake sale where you could get to meet new people? Or would you prefer to sell , candles or cookie dough?

There are so many kinds of fundraisers these days, so make sure you choose one that your volunteers are comfortable with, because then they will be more enthusiastic in their volunteering and promoting of your church fundraiser.

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Take a look at the article below for some tips on church fundraisers and their follow-up. Unfortunately the fundraiser is not over until you have completed this too.

Fundraiser Follow Up

by Cassie Kale

One of the key factors to a successful fundraising event and future fundraising events is to follow up with the supporters, volunteers and participants after the fundraiser is completed and the numbers are tallied!

Taking the time to add that personal touch will go a long way in the eyes of your supporters, participants, volunteers and sponsors. Take the time to send them a thank you card and thank them for the time spent helping through out the fundraiser. This will help assure that they are pleased as well and they will want to participate again next year.

Not only should you thank your supports, merchants, volunteers and supporters for their participation and contributions within your fundraising event, but they will most likely want to know the ending results of the fundraiser. How much money was raised in total - Yet another reason they will want to participate in your next event, after seeing how much they raised for a good cause! Be sure and thank all the volunteers as well! While we may have good intentions, sometimes the volunteers end up getting over looked but they are the backbone of the fundraiser in most cases.

Most importantly, while you still have everyone excited about the fundraising event that just ended, take this opportunity to pick their brains and find out what they thought of the event. What did they like about the fundraiser the most? What would they do differently next time? What can be changed and why? This information is critical to the success of your next fundraiser. Be sure to ask while the information is still fresh in their minds. Who better to get feedback from then the ones that were in the trenches with you! You can create a simple questionnaire and mail them off or you can take the time to phone and ask your questions, don't miss this opportunity to get vital information for future fundraising events!


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