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Antique Children Picture Fundraising

This is a fun fundraiser to have especially for younger children who love to dress up, and the results can be amazing. All you need are some old fashioned clothes from your local charity store, or some parents with some good creative skills to adjust costumes. Make sure all clothes are clean first. Book your photographer, send out flyers advertising the photo shoot, and invite participants to share their outfits with others who might not have access to older fashions. Have parents on hand to help dress up the youngsters, and have plenty of safety pins too to take in clothes where necessary.

If you have some family members who are good photographers, you could use them if they can volunteer their time, and with so many digital cameras about, it is easy to check the results of a shot before moving on to the next group. You might want to consider holding  previews of photographs and have people vote on their favourites, with prizes to the most popular ones.


 antique children picture fundraising

Another alternate that is even easier if you have artistic parents, is to use board figures of male and female children or a group of them, with a cut out so children can insert their own face into the scene. This is much quicker to set up, once you have the board figures painted or dressed appropriately, and taking the photographs of a large number of children can be done in, dare I say it?, a snap! You could use any theme you like. How about a cowboy theme? That would be sure to appeal to the boys and probably the girls too! Or animals? So, have fun with your antique children picture fundraising, and see what ideas you can come up with!

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Tracking Fundraiser Success

by Cassie Kale

One of the most important tips for your fundraising events is to track and keep record of your fundraisers details. If this is your first fundraising event it will most likely be a trial and error process until you find out what works for you and your event. But if you have a fundraiser or two completed, below are some tips to help you track your success and use your completed fundraisers to help with your future fundraising events!

For your own records be sure to write down all the information pertaining to the fundraising event so you will have all the information at your disposal to compare and prepare for the next one. Also take notes and recognize your strengths and what can be improved upon for your next event. This information is very valuable to your future fundraisers. Get the opinions of your sponsors, merchants, volunteers and supporters during and after your fundraising events. Take notes of the information they provide to you. Ask them what they thought of your event what did they like and what did they think could be done better? Then brainstorm and figure out how you can fit all these new ideas and tips into your next fundraising event.

If you have a website for your business, post your fundraising details on the website! Allow companies and merchants to contact you at anytime, dont just wait until right before the event and start promoting it. Put up information about the successful fundraisers you have hosted in the past and that a new one is coming up! Create excitement; make them want to be a part of it. Most importantly take the money raised and put it to good use!

Than take a few moments to write your sponsors and thank them for their contributions and tell them where the money was spent. It will go along way to use that personal touch with those involved and will also assure them that they will want to be involved in future fundraising events you and your company host.


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