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The days of bake sales as fundraisers are over, they have outlived their usefulness, and we now need new fundraising ideas to move with the times. That is easy to say, but often there just isn't time to actually sit down and think what would be good for your particular group.

This is where the internet comes in so useful, as you have no doubt found out. You can sit and browse all the information on this site and come up with lots of different ideas that may be suitable for your fundraisers. For more information go to the Free Fundraising eBook for lots of information on all aspects of fundraising.


An Innovative Fundraising Idea

by: Matt Eliason

Is your school, church group, activity group, scout group or other group looking fundraising ideas? Are you sick of sausage sizzles, car washes and other high-energy activities?

Coming up with new fundraising ideas can be a challenge. However there is now a new fundraising idea that makes it easy and it can be done simply, easily harnessing your groups social and work networks and the power of emaila digital caricature.

Caricatures provide a wonderful, unique and personal gift that can be used in a variety of ways. All of them mean that a cost effective gift that will be treasured for years to come can be made with a minimum of inconvenience.

The best part of all about a caricature is that customers can easily order at home, or at work. It also does not require lots of hours on the part of your fundraising team over an extended period of time.

Working from a photograph of one or two people, the caricature artist creates an amazing digital caricature. While most are done in a head and shoulders aspect, there is a growing number of themes that can be selected, such as business, sporting etc.

Caricatures can be used for plenty of uses. For a full list just send a blank email to . Because the image is digital, the price can be kept low, meaning even when printed and framed, it remains an affordable gift idea.

Here are several easy steps to fundraising with Caricature King:

1. Offer a simple caricature service you provide the special link to our website where the customer orders and we pay you 10% of every order. This works very well with a group of people who can distribute the information through social and work networks via email or personal websites.

ACTION: Have the fundraising leader sign up to our affiliate program in order to get the link. The customer uses the link to buy. The earnings tally up and then are paid out to you. We have a low payout threshold.

2. For customers who may not have a digital image of themselves, have a Portrait Day. This is where you take their picture (or accepts a hard copy print for scanning - or even a picture of a picture ;) ) and payment, and you submit them through our system. The finished caricatures will then be emailed to you. You handle final delivery to the customer (by email again or on floppy disk). You can charge the customer a 10-30% premium for this service, thus leveraging your fundraising inflow.

ACTION: Have the fundraising leader sign up to our affiliate program in order to get the link. This link is then used to place the orders by the fundraiser (not the customer). The earnings tally up and then are paid out to you. We have a low payout threshold.

3. Value add provide caricaturised products. Similar to number 2, except you may work in with a local supplier who can put the image on paper, a t-shirt, mug, frame etc. Again this offers the opportunity to further leverage funds by adding a percentage for taking the photo, plus a further percentage from the sale of the item (the supplier will give you at least a 10% discount).
ACTION: Same as 2.

By harnessing the interest of your local community, caricatures make a fun way to raise funds. Not only do people get caricatures of themselves done, they often get them done of their family and friends asa Christmas, birthday or other special even gift.

About the Author: Matt Eliason runs several websites - one of them is He also offers free website appraisals at



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